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Instruments & Accessories

As people ask me about my guitars and the equipment I use on the road, I'm very happy to answer those questions on this page.

For solo concerts I play a fantastic O50C AB/RW, which was made for me by the great George Lowden in September 2014.

Lowden O50C AB/RW (© Manfred Pollert)     Lowden O50C AB/RW (© Manfred Pollert)

The guitar has the following properties:

  • Top: Redwood
  • Back & Sides: African Blackwood
  • Cutaway
  • Soundbox-Bevel
  • Neck: 60 mm with at 14. fret (Fingerstyle neck), Figured Maple neck
  • Pickup-System: LR Baggs Anthem

When I work with "Iontach" or Peter Kerlin another beauty of the Lowden family comes into play: a lovely L-25 from the 80's, made in Ireland:

Lowden L-25 (© Siobhán Kennedy)     Lowden L-25 (© Siobhán Kennedy)

My instruments are well protected by the wonderful carbon fiber cases from Jeff Hoffee.

Hoffee Carbon Fiber Case (© Manfred Pollert)

The sound system I use on stage is the  "Bose L1® Compact System" and the "T1 ToneMatch®" desk.

Bose L1® Compact System (© www.bose.de)     T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine (© www.bose.de)

Other gear: