Stringed on Vinyl

I'm so excited as my new album Stringed will be released on Vinyl on May 27th! You can already pre-order in my webshop...


New album "Stringed"

I'm so thrilled about the release of my brand new album "Stringed", which was produced as an audiophile (Hybrid) SACD by Günter Pauler and his wonderful team in the legendary Stockfisch Studios where so many of my musical idols (Werner Lämmerhirt, Hannes Wader, Lilienthal, Liederjan, Andy Irvine, Dick Gaughan etc.) recorded their music. You can get it from Stockfisch or directly in my Webshop. (Of course I would be happy to send you a signed copy if you wish...).

Jens Kommnick:

The wonderful Emre Meydan from Stockfisch Records filmed this video while recording which I'd like to share with you as well:

Jens Kommnick: Lights on the Ocean


Recording with David Lübke

At the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of recording the lovely song "Apfelbaum" with the young and talented singer-songwriter David Lübke. You can check it out here:

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New August Release

I'm so happy to share my new single with you. An arrangement in 5/4 time for two guitars which I wrote for my friend Peter Kerlin. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc. I hope you enjoy it and even add it to your playlists. Thank you ?

Jens Kommnick: Along Silver Lines